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Slovenska pediatrija 2019; 26: 276-283

Review article


Tina Bregant
Center za izobraževanje, rehabilitacijo in usposabljanje - CIRIUS Novi trg 43a, 1241 Kamnik, Slovenija

Mirna Macur
Fakulteta za zdravstvo Angele Boškin - FZAB, Jesenice, Slovenija


The paper presents the current use of modern media, focus­ing on digital media, which are on the rise. The effects of digital media are important and depend on the type of medium, the manner and scope of its usage, and on the characteristics of the individual child or adolescent using them. Specifically, video game addiction is described and diagnostic criteria for internet gaming disorder are present­ed. Improved knowledge about the digital media and bet­ter awareness of the use of modern technology are the only way to equip pediatricians with proper knowledge to give parents and educators clear advice on safe use of modern technologies. Pediatritians are namely those, who should empower and encourage children and their families to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Key words: digital divide, dopamine, gaming, addiction, video games, video game addiction

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