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Slovenska pediatrija 2014; 21: 32-37

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J. Kolenc
KO za otroško, mladostniško in razvojno nevrologijo, Univerzitetni klinični center Ljubljana, Pediatrična klinika, Ljubljana, Slovenija


Headache is one of the most frequent pains that people experience. Not only is the child affected by migraine, but also the whole family and his or her environment. The frequency and potency of migraine attacks can be lessened by a good knowledge of trigger factors, the course of action at the onset of an acute migraine attack, quick therapeutic intervention and keeping a diary. A good relationship between the healthcare team and the families of affected children and clear therapeutic aims lead to success in treating the child with migraine. This article presents migraine in children, epidemiology, signs and symptoms, intervention, research and migraine prevalence in our country.

Key words: migraine, pain, child, adolescent, headache.