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Slovenska pediatrija 2018; 25: 402-407

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M. Skoko
Zdravstveni dom Novo mesto, Novo mesto, Slovenija

M. Starbek Zorko
Dermatovenerološka klinika, Univerzitetni klinični center Ljubljana, Slovenija


Winter eczema (asteatotic dermatitis, eczema hiemalis), affects children and adults, especially during the winter months, as a result of dried and consequently inflamed skin. The disease usually affects people who already have dry and sensitive skin especially after being exposed to negative environmental factors. The disease is more common in people with atopic predisposition. The diagnosis is based on a typical clinical appearance and distribution of the skin lesions. Severe inflammation is treated with short-term local corticosteroid therapy, while in mild forms good general care for dry and sensitive skin is recommended. Winter eczema can be treated by the primary care physicians without referral to a dermatologist.

Key words: winter eczema, child, differential diagnosis, treatment