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Slovenska pediatrija 2011; 18: 250-257

Professional article


T. Kersnik Levart
Klinični oddelek za nefrologijo, Pediatrična klinika, Univerzitetni klinični center Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenija


The last basic algorithms for the management of children after proven urinary tract infection (UTI) in Slovenia were published in 2008 (1). At the beginning of this review article, innovations in empirical antibiotic therapy for acute urinary tract infection in Slovenia are presented. This is followed by updated guidelines for the management of children after proven urinary tract infections, which are the result of new publications abroad (2–11) and our own clinical experience (12–15). Further evaluation and follow- up of these children depend on the results of basic investigations. Then, the important change in the management of children with asymptomatic bacteriuria, who are in general not treated and do not require any investigations except urinary tract ultrasound, is presented. Finally, new recommendations regarding the more restricted use of antibacterial prophylaxis, especially in children after the first UTI, are outlined. The contents of this article, which were coordinated and verified at the professional board of the Department of Paediatric Nephrology University Medical Centre Ljubljana and coordinated with the Department of Paediatric Infectious diseases University Medical Centre Ljubljana and the Department of Paediatrics University Medical Centre Maribor at the end of October 2011, represent the current doctrinal position in Slovenia.

Key words: children, urinary tract infection, vesicoureteric reflux, asymptomatic bacteriuria, prophylactic antimicrobial therapy.

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